• 29.09.2022


From Thursday 29th September until October 1st 2022, Fondazione ICA Milano dedicates three days to the projection of the video "Desertions, with Enzo Mari in America", realized by Giovanna Silva in collaboration with Studio Mare.
The video originates from the trip started in 2007 by designer Enzo Mari, boarded in a long journey through the main deserts in United States with Gianluigi Ricuperati and Giovanna Silva. From California to Nevada, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Enzo Mari faces the desert with the aim of collecting the materials that the environment generates and offers, in order to transform them into real design objects, whose "shape is perfect because it is what it is".

Desertions retraces the designer’s steps and the transformation process that he imprints on the found objects, returned through the recordings by Giovanna Silva and edited in a unique and touching video made in collaboration with Studio Mare. The video will be visible within the spaces of Fondazione ICA Milano from Thursday to Saturday.

"Desertions, with Enzo Mari in America"
A film by Giovanna Silvia con Studio Mare
Editing Emanuele Cantò
Sound Engineer Urgentissimo
Original Soundtrack Studio Mare

“DESERTIONS, with Enzo Mari in America” by Giovanna Silva with Studio Mare

Ph. credits: Desertions, with Enzo Mari in America. Giovanna Silva, A+M Bookstore, 2021.