• 18.11.2019

On the occasion of Milan Music Week, from 18th to 22th November 2019, Fondazione ICA Milano presents, on Monday 18th November, one of the four events curated by ZONA5, the musical festival created and launched last year by the events, safety and security agency P R Y.

Within Fondazione ICA Milano, ZONA5 presents the Turin-based artistic collective SPIME.IM, with their live a/v show Exaland, using VR technology, 3D art and electronic music.

The show, the first musical performance realised at Fondazione ICA Milano since its opening, explores the aesthetics and languages originating from the affirmation of the digital world, creating feasible images, immersive environments and narrative spaces, in which science and humanity, reality and the virtual intermingle.


Monday, 18th November, 9pm

ICA Milano - via Orobia 26 
SPIME.IM live a/v
free admission on reservation: zona5@pry.it

ZONA5 PRESENTS SPIME.IM (Premiere Virtual Immersive Music Experience)