• Curated by Paola Nicolin / the classroom


ICA Milano hosts the presentation of the book Materiality versus Image (Im-)materiality and identity in contemporary art  curated by Paola Nicolin / the classroom and edited by postmedia books in 2017.

The event is part of the program regarding the exhibition MASBEDO. Why frontiers change, curated by Alberto Salvadori and open to the public with free access until Sunday, November 10th 2019.

In conversation with MASBEDO there are Martina Angelotti, curator and art critic interested into the languages of the moving image and performance, artist Marco Belfiore, who works with the relationship between video, electronic music and visual arts, Diego Marcon, artist focusing his research on the languages of experimental cinema and the moving image, and Paola Nicolin, art historian and curator.
The book is dedicated to the theme of the gaze and to the relation between contemporary art and restoration, takes its origin from a workshop organized by the classroom and the Centro conservazione e restauro La Venaria Reale di Torino in the realm of the solo show by Masbedo at the Venaria Reale in 2016-2017.

Divided in two different acts, the book presents a first part dedicated to the work by MASBEDO and a second part, though as a series of different editorial formats - artists' books, manifestos, essays, critical interventions, dialogues and individual narration - which gives back the acts of the workshop, conceived as a bloc notes able to define a wide, versatile and polyphonic panorama on the subject.


Installation view, MASBEDO - HandleWithCare, Citroniera, Reggia Di Venaria 28 ottobre 2016 - 15 gennaio 2017 Ph. Alex Astegiano